School Holidays 

School Holidays means lots of outdoor and bouncing fun if you’re lucky enough to own your own backyard trampoline.  This means it’s time to have a look to see if the mat and springs are in good condition – if threads have changed colour and/or have broken, it’s a good idea to have the edge resewn to prevent the seam unravelling all the way around the mat.  We have new mats and spring pads in stock if you need to replace them.

No matter what, kids, when friends and visitors are involved in this fun time, always make sure you take turns and jump in the middle or estimate how much room you need to do tricks.  With sunny weather still around, how about giving the trampoline mat a wash - use a weak solution of dishwashing liquid and a soft bristle brush or sponge and turn the sprinkler on or hose underneath to clean grit collected underneath the mat.  The same method of cleaning applies to the spring pads – clean with a sponge and soft cloth on top and underneath.

If some springs are broken or stretched and don’t have much recoil, it’s probably time to replace them so that the mat tension and pull distribution is even on all springs.

Well that’s it….. from all of us here at Durable Products BOUNCE SAFELY & HAVE LOTS OF HOLIDAY FUN !!! …. send us your best pics 

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