About Durable Products

Durable Products is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated and is based in Brisbane, Queensland. We are an established manufacturer of quality, built-to-last steel and aluminium framework for sporting equipment, heavy duty trolleys, kindy playground equipment and fixed awning frames, as well as customised frames and parts for the industrial and domestic markets.  A key feature of our business is the manufacture of complete trampoline products and trampoline supplies for the domestic and gymnastics markets.  We also offer general welding, spray painting and custom fabrication services here in our Kedron factory in Brisbane.

Originally established in 1946 as Nundah Industries Pty Ltd, we started life as a manufacturer and supplier of steel-framed equipment for the sports, camping and kindergarten markets. The 1970’s saw the business expand into the manufacture of high-quality Australian made rectangle trampolines (trading as Trampoline Supplies)  and awning frames supplementing our traditional product portfolio.

Today we continue to manufacture quality, durable products based on simple (and sound) engineering principles and are in a unique market position for undertaking a range of metal fabrication and welding projects at competitive prices while maintaining a high standard of manufactured product. The principle of “high durability” continues through our entire product range.  We ensure the availability of replacement parts and repair services and pride ourselves on our customer service, upholding the traditional values the company was built upon so many years ago. 

We have the experience needed to handle any light steel fabrication project. We use simple construction methods in conjunction with high quality materials to create a durable product that you will love.  Whether you need a manufacturer of sporting equipment, a manufacturer of fixed awning frames, a manufacturer of kindy playground equipment or any other steel fabrication jobs, we are the company to turn to.  

Durable Products Australia Pty Ltd services residential, commercial and industrial customers in Queensland and across Australia, so whatever you need, we can help. With our 70+ years of experience in this industry, we are sure you'll be satisfied with the finished product. Contact us to learn more.

Durable Trampolines & Trampoline Supplies

We have been making our durable old school, rectangle trampolines in Brisbane for over 40 years, and use only the best Australian galvanised steel in their construction, with 3.2mm thick pipe walls and high-tensile Australian-made springs. Our woven mats and safety pads have an average life span of 10 and 5 years respectively and can be replaced as needed from our ongoing supplies of replacement stock. The simplicity of Durable’s design is in the welded steel frame which has only six interlinked components with no screws or bolts (that’s right, no allen keys, spanners or screw drivers required  to assemble) and importantly, nothing that would cause the structure to jiggle loose, rust or break over time. Our most popular model is the “Jumbo Pro” weighing in at 146-174 kilograms (depending on type of mat and spring pads).

A professional, two-string mat is available for even springier bounce as well as Spring Installation Tools, Wheel Kits, Ladders, and Height Adjusters, which can be purchased separately. The principle of “high durability”  continues through our entire product range of trampoline supplies and accessories.