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Manufacturer Of Trampolines Queensland

Durable Products Australia has been a proud manufacturer of trampolines in Queensland (Brisbane) since 1977 and is the only trampoline manufacturer in Brisbane with decades of experience building sturdy garden trampolines. Our trampolines are distributed across the whole country and are well-renowned for their strength and multi-generational longevity.

Our trampolines are structurally engineered and constructed using only high quality Australian galvanised steel and hardened steel springs. The simplicity of our design is in the welded steel frame which has only six interlinked components and no screws or bolts (that’s right, no allen keys, spanners or screw drivers required to assemble) and importantly, nothing to jiggle loose or break over time.

Our trampoline mats are all manufactured in Australia and are made out of high-quality UV treated polypropylene mesh or hand woven terylene string (2-string mats). The 2-string mats are hand woven on a loom and painted with an overlay of chlorinated rubber based paint for UV protection. This mat is less air-resistant than our black polymesh mat and provides a soft and springy bounce for the budding competitive gymnast or flipper professional. 

Our spring safety pads are filled with a dense open-celled foam and covered with a durable, anti-slip PVC-coated polyester material - UV stabilised with fire resistant properties to suit Australian outdoor conditions. Our mats and spring safety pads have an average life span of 10 and 5 years respectively.

We supply a range of useful trampoline accessories such as terrain adjusters, height adjusters, spring stretching tools, ladders and wheel kits - that assist in levelling the product on slightly sloping ground, enable safe mounting and dismounting on and off the trampoline and safe movement of the frame when required.  As a manufacturer of trampolines in Queensland, we hold stocks of trampoline supplies and replacement parts on the shelf and can supply these on request - i.e. frames and frame parts, springs and accessories, as well as a wide range of replacement mats for other rectangular trampoline models.  We can also make up custom-sized mats on request - e.g. for one-off garden trampolines, gym trampolines and for trampoline recreational centres and parks.

Our most popular model is the “Jumbo Pro” weighing in at 146-174 kilograms (depending on the type of mat and spring pads installed).  This ground weight accompanied by frame stability and strength (and using high quality materials) withstands harsh and variable environmental conditions (such as dry heat and cold, coastal, wet, windy and stormy conditions).  NOTE:  we always recommend placing our trampolines on their side and strapping them to a secure footing prior to hurricane, hail or other extreme weather conditions - to prevent damage to the mat and spring pads by flying objects.

Our trampolines are designed as serious sports equipment the use of which needs to be respected by jumpers and flippers alike - at present, we do not have a toddler net option.

As a trampoline manufacturer in Queensland, the principle of “highly durability” continues through our entire product range.